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Bulk Network Cable Massive (12)
Connectors RJ45-RJ11-RJ12 (6)
Management Panel (4)
Meters and Testers (9)
Modulaire RJ45 Jack Cat5e-Cat6-> (7)
Network tools (4)
Patchcable on Reel 500 mtr Stran-> (33)
Patchcable's to size
Patchcables Cat5e-Cat6-Cat6A (6)
Patchpanels Cat5e-Cat6-Cat6A-> (13)
RJ45 Tules - Boots - Cover-> (36)
Server- Patch cabinet 19" (16)
Specials. (2)
Wall-mounted Patch Cabinet 19 " (9)
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Article 1: Offers
All offers are subject to change.

Article 2: Delivery
2.1 The delivery by the contractor by proxy.
2.2 In determining the delivery period the contractor assumes that he can execute the order under the circumstances to him at that time are known.
2.3 The delivery period starts when all technical details have been agreed, all necessary information in the possession of the contractor, the agreed (period) payment has been received and the necessary conditions for the implementation of the contract are met.
2.4 If there are other circumstances than those which were known to the contractor when he found the delivery, the delivery service can extend the time needed to complete the task in this circumstances. If the work is not in the planning of the contractor can be mapped, will be completed as soon as his schedule permits.
2.5 If the agreed delivery time is in no case be entitled to damages, unless agreed in writing.

Article 3: Risco transition
3.1 Even if the seller sold installs and / or assembled the risk of the case at the time that the seller issues available to the buyer in the seller's premises or at any other place.

Article 4: Price Change
4.1 If after the date on which the agreement was signed four months and the performance of the contractor has not yet been completed, an increase in the price-determining factors are passed on to the customer. 4.2 Payment of the price increase as referred to in paragraph 1 shall take place simultaneously with the payment of principal or the last term.

Article 5: Impossibility of performance
5.1 The Contractor shall have the right to fulfill its commitments to suspend as he is involved in the agreement was not expected and which lie outside its sphere of influence, is temporarily unable to meet his obligations.
5.2 In circumstances that are not expected by the contractor and which lie outside its sphere of influence, among other means, the fact that suppliers and / or sub-contractor is not issued or meet their obligations, weather, earthquakes, fire, theft or loss tools, the loss of processed materials, road blockades, strikes or work stoppages and import or trade restrictions.
5.3 The Contractor shall not be entitled to suspend performance if performance is permanently impossible or if a temporary impossibility more than six months. The agreement may be terminated for that part of the obligations that have not been met. Parties that have no right to compensation as a result of the dissolution suffered or suffer damage.

Article 6: Guarantee
In all the articles on this website money factory as issued by the manufacturer.
Standard Colours of patchcables can be difference per delivery. This dsipute is not possible.

Article 7: Complaints
The customer may lack in performance no longer do so if he is not within fourteen days after the defect was discovered or reasonably should discover the contractor in writing to discover it.

Article 8: Non goods
Where business after expiry of the payment and delivery are not declined, they remain available for the customer. Uncollected goods for account and risk of the customer.

Article 9: Payment
9.1 Regardless of the agreed payment terms, the customer required by a contractor to his opinion sufficient to provide security for payment. If the customer fails to do so within the prescribed time limit shall be in touch directly. Contractor in that case, the right to dissolve and damage the customer.
9.2 The right of his client to settle claims against the contractor is excluded, unless there is declared bankrupt.
9.3 The claim for full payment is due and payable immediately if:
a. A payment is exceeded;
b. developer went bankrupt or suspension of payments;
c. the property or assets of the client program;
d. the sponsor (company) is dissolved or liquidated;
e. the sponsor (individual) is made a ward or dies.
9.4 If payment has not been made within the agreed payment, the customer interest directly to the contractor. The interest rate is 10% per year, but is equal to the statutory interest rate if it is higher. In the interest calculation is a part of the month as a full Monday
9.5 If payment has not been made within the agreed payment, the customer to the contractor all extrajudicial costs to a minimum of EUR 50.

The costs are calculated on the basis of the following:
on the first EUR 3,000 15%
on the additional amount up to EUR 6,000 10%
on the additional amount up to EUR 15,000 8%
on the balance of EUR 60,000 5%
for the additional 3% from EUR 60,000

9.6 If the contractor in a judicial procedure in the case is, it all costs associated with this procedure has made on behalf of the client.

Article 10: Ownership and Lien
10.1 After delivery remains owner of the contractor delivered until client:
a. performed or to be carried out under such agreements do not pay or will pay;
b. claims arising from the breach of the above agreements, such as interest and costs, has failed.
10.2 Following are the property contractor has invoked, he delivered the goods. Principal contractor to state the place where the goods are located.

Article 11: Dissolution
If the customer wants to dissolve the agreement in the absence of failure of the contractor and the contractor agrees, the agreement by mutual consent. The contractor in this case are entitled to compensation for any damage such as power loss, lost profits and costs incurred.

Article 12: Applicable law and jurisdiction
12.1 Dutch law is applicable.
12.2 Only the Chamber of Commerce Tilburg qualified in the location of the contractor may take cognizance of disputes.

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